Microsoft LYNC, OCS and LCS Monitoring with PRTG

Microsoft offers a solution to monitor LYNC 2010 servers via implementing LYNC Monitoring Server on a separate hardware but there is no official solution for still widely used older versions of communications server family like OCS and LCS. However both of these older versions offer the same vital monitoring capabilities as their younger brother.

Key features

This Plugin supports monitoring both single server and large server farms installations for service usage and capacity management. The monitoring capabilities can be divided into different sub categories created to support monitoring Frontend and Backend servers based on their respective roles.

    • User Load and Usage counters
      Number of users, Messages sent, Conferences, Participators
    • Server Health related counters
    • Web Conferencing MCU counters
    • Peers/HTTPS Transport counters
    • Database performance counters

This graph shows the number of sessions and IM Messages sent

Above User load counters

Give you an insight views of usage of the OCS server. You can track down the sessions and Conferences.


The Graph shows the number of user sessions, connections and IM Messages sent in last 30 Days.

The Graph shows the number of Conferences held and users connected in last 30 Days.