Pricing & Payment Information for PRTG Plugins

We like to think that these plugins significantly improve the PRTG's capabilities and we have put hundreds of hours of our effort into them. So in order us to continue developing new plugins and improving the existing ones we need to charge you for using these.

Choose your products carefully

There are two individual product line licensing options:

PRTG Plugins are the extension plugins to PRTG Netwrok Monitoring

PRTG Plugins GUI is the tool to enable baselining and trending in PRTG Network Monitoring

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  1. Proceed to Paypal site after our checkout as normal.
  2. Choose 'Pay with my Debit or Credit Card' option instead
  3. Enter your name and shipping address
  4. You will be prompted for your credit card, email address, and phone number.
    Please make sure you enter the email address correctly since the PRTG Plugins license is sent to this address
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PRTG Plugins Prices

These are the pricing options for PRTG Plugins Monitoring extensions...


PRTG Plugins Full 1 YEAR License
295.00 EUR


PRTG Plugins Full 2 YEARS License - 5% discount
560.00 EUR


PRTG Plugins Full 3 YEARS License - 10% discount
795.00 EUR


PRTG Plugins Full 5 YEARS License - 15% discount
1,253.00 EUR


PRTG Plugins Full Lifetime License
2,500.00 EUR


NDA Signature Required

PRTG Plugins Lifetime License with Source Code
7,500.00 EUR


PRTG Plugins GUI Prices

These are the pricing options for PRTG Plugins GUI baselining and trending tool..

PRTG Plugins GUI Trending Tool 1 MONTH Try Out License
15.95 EUR


PRTG Plugins GUI Trending Tool 1 YEAR License
143.00 EUR


PRTG Plugins GUI Trending Tool 2 YEARS License - 5% discount
272.00 EUR


PRTG Plugins GUI Trending Tool 3 YEARS License - 10% discount
387.00 EUR


PRTG Plugins GUI Trending Tool 5 YEARS License - 15% discount
609.00 EUR


It's completely safe to ORDER.

We do not store ANY information of the transaction!

It's all done with in the PAYPAL system.

{tab=Facts of Ordering}

Facts of Ordering

  1. If you are ordering individual plugins you need to update to new plugin version at the downloads section.
  2. Ordering the Full License pack is the only thing you need to do.
  3. The license file is sent to your Paypal email account address for security reasons.
  4. Remember to save the license file on both (EXE and EXEXML) directories if needed.



There are two pricing models of getting PRTG Plugins:

  • Licensing the individual plugin per one year subscription
  • Licensing the Full Package per one year subscription

And yes it's a yearly fee for which you get not only regular updates and improvements of the plugins but also all the new plugins as they are published.

Please also note that monitoring a single service might require utilizing more than one plugin depending on your setup. Also The Full Package Subscription will contain all new standard plugins that we developed on the way.

{tab=Refund & Return}

Refund & Return policy

It is suggested that you utilize the transaction to receive a fully operational 7 day demo license and install the plugins on trial basis prior to purchase. Once Purchased and your payment has been processed refunds cannot be given except in exceptional cases.

{tab=Delivery Method}

Delivery methods & timing

The software is delivered via download from The license key to activate your 12 month subscription of the product will be sent to you by email immediately after your payment has been processed.

{tab=Privacy Policy}

Privacy policy

Ojoconsulting will not share your details with any third-party companies. Your contact details will be stored securely by us so that we may periodically notify you about product updates. Any payment details such as credit card numbers are processed securely by PayPal.

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